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  • Improving your business's online performance

    Have your business gain the leverage of online presence? Tap into the sales possibility of the rapid growing internet estate.

    According to usability expert Jacob Nielsen from Nielsen Norman Group, with a proper strategy a website can turn at least 4% percent of visitors into new business. By fine tuning the website, that figure could rise to 8% and more. This means, a well-tuned website with 100,000 visitors each month could well expect 400 to 800 sales inquiries.

    With increased competition and the advent of new media marketing, a conscious effort must be made to achieve and maintain a healthy online performance on the Internet.

    This is why a business will require strategic approach which combines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and User Experience Design (UXD). SEO to attract visitors to the website and UXD to generate business and convert those visitors into customers.

    Mitrais offers a range of services in this area.

  • User Experience Design and Planning (UXDP)

    The objective of User Experience Design and Planning is to create a positive experience for each visitor as they interact with your software at each touch point; be it website, desktop application, or mobile application. User Experience Design is a part of the overall effort to create and maintain a positive Customer Experience.

    Good User Experience Design and Planning will help create a convenient, pleasant and meaningful user experience.

    "User experience is not about how a product works on the inside. User experience is about how it works on the outside, where a person comes into contact with it and has to work with it"
    (J.J.Garrett – The Elements of User Experience).

    Our goals for the User Experience Design and Planning are to:

    1. Endorse meaningful interaction (higher user satisfaction)
    2. Increase user acceptance of the software; reducing time needed by users to become familiar with your website/application (faster adaptation)
    3. Increase the conversion rate for turning visitors into customers and customers into business (higher sales)
    4. Increase perceived credibility and professionalism of the product and the developers (improving branding)

    Please contact us for further inquiries.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization aims to improve the presence of your website on the search engine's result pages, or simply "getting well ranked by search engines".

    Why does it matter? Because more and more people are using the internet and search engines (especially Google) are their main reference for navigating through the web.

    With the internet being used by almost 30% of the world’s population in 2010 according to  Internet World Stats, there's no doubt that the wall dividing internet users and real world dwellers are becoming thinner and thinner. Though the majority of the population is yet to be connected most modern businesses and influential organizations are connected.

    As such, the internet is the ideal environment in which to generate business, grow your brand, market your products & services and acquire an international presence with a relatively small budget.

    Ranking well on internet search engines means your business is easily discovered by potential customers and buyers from around the world.

    Mitrais provide SEO services on both on setup and regular maintenance.

    Please contact us for further inquiries.

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design

    Whether it's a desktop or internet based application and based on a PC or mobile/portable devices, the rule remains the same: a well designed Graphical User Interface could be the most important touch point between your prospects, customers and your product.

    Successful interfaces are those in which users immediately notice the important information. A well designed interface recognizes the courses of action that users are most likely to take, and makes those interface elements easiest to access and use.

    Mitrais provides GUI design services for desktop, web based and mobile platforms including Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad.

    Please contact us for further inquiries.

  • Website Design & Development

    As the frontline of your business online, your website plays a major role in communicating your brand. It is also the important touch point between your business and your customers.

    Recent research into interaction with websites says that you have only split second to impress visitors and convince them to delve deeper into the information (and services) available at your website.

    Mitrais offers integrated web design & development to support businesses of varying sizes and in diverse industry. Our services cover website creation based on popular CMS platforms, e.g.: Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, and specialized CMS based on specific technologies, e.g.: .Net based CMS (Kentico, Sitefinity and EPiServer).

    We also offer website improvement and redesign, based on your current platform. If required we can migrate your website from its current to a new platform.

    Please contact us for further inquiries.

  • Website Maintenance Support

    Mitrais offers website support by providing a web master service to handle all of your website maintenance needs.

    We can also help with creating web content, including but not limited to writing articles, optimized content writing for SEO and blogging.

    Please contact us for further inquiries.

  • Logo Design

    A logo visually represents your business. A good logo that is unique and memorable will creates instant and lasting recognition of your business and your brand. A good logo will also add to your image of professionalism, further developing the trust your customers have in your business. We can help with logo design for your corporation and both applications and products that you provide.

    Please contact us for further inquiries.

  • Icon Design

    Icons in your application provides a visual representation of a function. By providing informative and easy to understand icons to navigate around your application we can help increase a user's acceptance and uptake of that application.

    Please contact us for further inquiries.

  • Flash & HTML 5 Animation

    As part of the effort to create an impressive experience that captures the user's attention, we can also help create animation to strengthen user's understanding of a process, illustrate an idea or to create an engaging product showcase/portfolio for your audience.

    Please contact us for further inquiries.

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