Web opens door to diverse applications

Needing only an internet connection and a compatible browser, web based applications are increasing in popularity and diversity and it is easy to understand why. Bandwidth and reliability have increased, making applications more accessible while the need for complex IT infrastructure has decreased, simplifying IT management. This opens the door a diverse range of applications.

Web Applications

Mitrais software engineers, using technologies such as .NET, PHP, SharePoint, SilverLight, and JavaScript, help innovative enterprises to develop and deploy customer-centric information systems in the field where they can deliver real benefits.

Mitrais can design you a new site from the ground up or add extension modules to existing sites. In conjunction with our partners we can also provide you with a hosted solution and CMS (content management system) for a variety of needs such as booking systems, ecommerce or just simply giving your site a dynamic new look and feel.

Content Management System (CMS)

With a CMS you have the benefit of a scalable deployment. You can start small and expand gradually when your business requires it. In addition you can manage your own website, updating it without having to engage external resources. Mitrais can also help you maintain or migrate your existing websites. These may be built on various CMS engines, including but not limited to SharePoint, Kentico, Drupal, and Joomla.

InfoLab plus

This distributed web application, based on .NET 3.5 & MS SQL Express, allows Indonesia’s seven regional agricultural ministries to record the laboratory results of all suspected bird influenza incidents in a central server. These results are then collated by CSIRO’s Animal Health Lab in Geelong, Victoria. This allows for a coordinated approach to treatment and prevention of the viral outbreaks. Future enhancements include a standalone batch updateable client for non networked offices, as well as the ability to record the details of tests undertaken for a variety of other animals.

Conrad hotel wedding booking system

This site allows travel agents across Asia to log in to the booking system and secure wedding dates for clients. It is based on PHP with MySQL back end. It contains various levels of secure access to the site, from ‘review dates only’ to authorisation of payment and booking approval based on the user name and assigned privileges.


e-commerce This application allows for the creation of multiple shops each with their own unique look and feel but tied back into a single gateway portal. It has also allowed for the creation of clubs and social networking groups, with forums, galleries and feedback on the goods and services offered. It began as an OS based application although elements of it have migrated over to a .NET framework

Risk management

This is an intranet based application, designed to work with either a single user or across an entire company, allowing the company to assess and manage risks. It was developed using the .NET platform.


Using the latest technology platform, financial planning group, FinancialLine built its customer financial management suite which includes additional functionality such as secure access for its member a customer relationship management (CRM) system to embody industry-leading practices and support the scalable expansion of the company to meet the ongoing needs of a very information-savvy and mature client base, as well as the firm's advisory staff.

The system operates on a 24x7 basis and allows clients and advisors to access portfolios and to manage investment strategies. It is also the foundation for good management of the practice and for the legislative compliance now demanded in the Australian financial services sector.

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