Software testing contracting service

Software TestingMitrais Software Testing Service helps organizations improve software through testing. We will create a new test group or complement your existing staff to provide the right testing solution for you that is cost effective and efficient. Our testers are skilled in various testing methodologies and tools and will work as needed at our location or at your location. We can design, implement and execute various types of testing activities such as functional, system, automated, performance, usability, and acceptance testing to extend your testing capability. Alternatively, we can provide a complete software testing team with test processes and tools
to work with your development team

Independent testing

One of the major benefits of contracting testing is an independent test team. An independent test team helps in assuring that quality is not compromised as the development team looks to save cost and expedite the delivery of software.

Our testing process

The Mitrais Testing Process was developed from real life lessons learned in software testing by using CMMI as the model to improve process. Our process is capable and efficient in identifying defects in your product. We can also tailor our testing process to meet your specific process needs.

Tester development program

At Mitrais we recognise that the characteristics of good testers differ from those of good developers. This means different career development programs for software testers and software developers. We have designed and implemented a software tester’s development program allowing new testers to learn the required skills and gain experience to effectively perform their role as software test engineers. Combined with the cost advantage in contracting, this means quality software testing at a lower cost.

Our People

Rommy Rempas Mitrais Testing Service is under the direction of Mr. Rommy Rempas who, as software quality assurance manager, leads our process improvement program. Previously Mr. Rempas was a software tester, test lead, software quality consultant and test automation specialist at several major companies in the USA and Indonesia.
Rommy Rempas

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