MS add-in programming services

The 2007 release of Microsoft Office was a milestone and not just because it had evolved from a suite of personal productivity products into a comprehensive, multifaceted and integrated system. For the first time it embraced open XML standards replacing the proprietary formats of previous versions.

XML made it apparent to a growing number of organisations that their information systems could interoperate and collaborate to support new business processes in ways never before possible.

For Mitrais, the introduction of open standards was to be the catalyst for the escalation in demand for the add-in programming services it had introduced in 2003.

Add-in programming describes services, based on Microsoft Office, which use the tools, applications and technologies of Office to deliver functions not provided by Microsoft. Typically these functions are customised to the needs of a particular client.

Since 2003 Mitrais has developed a diverse range of applications based on the use of add-in programming services.

One of the first of these was an automatic document generation system for business documents and emails. Based on predefined Microsoft Office templates and using Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO), it supports an investment administration system for an Australian financial planning group.

VSTO is also the technology underpinning an electronic document management system (EDMS) developed by Mitrais which enables a prominent US company to watermark and distribute documents in a diverse range of formats including Microsoft Word and Excel. The electronic watermark, like its physical namesake, provides a guarantee of authenticity.

The watermarking engine enables the EDMS to automatically embed a watermark image and text related to terms of use in any document retrieved by the user. The engine is configurable to have different watermark images or text imbedded from different locations and also to enable it to be turned on or off.

A similar automated document generation system, which can output Word and Excel documents, has also been developed for a prominent risk management advisor and insurance broker.

Stepping beyond the commercial arena a recent project required Mitrais to develop a Microsoft Word 2007 add-in for academic institutions to mark student exams and assessments. The application, also using VSTO technology, enables academics to annotate, comment, stamp and grading exams.

Mitrais provides add-in programming services in Australia, Indonesia and the USA.

With accreditation from Microsoft as a Partner with a Gold Software Development competency, Mitrais enjoys full support and training in the skills required to provide add-in programming services.

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