Mitrais meets growing demand for CRM applications

As the uptake of customer relationship management (CRM) has accelerated, Mitrais has been commissioned to implement projects which make optimum use of Microsoft CRM technology.

The requirements which these projects have in common are best met by the key functions of Microsoft CRM including the management of activities based on a calendar appropriate to a particular workplace and the management of accounts, products and sales.

These functions are achieved with process automation, using workflow and integration with Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. MS CRM can further be extended with tremendous configurability and Accelerators to customize entities based on business needs.

A CRM project undertaken recently by Mitrais serves a health foundation which raises funds as well as encouraging physical activity. The foundation engages more than 3000 Australian schools and 400,000 children each year.

The project uses Sharepoint with a new technology called Portal Integration Accelerator (PIA). There is integration with MS Exchange using MS CRM Email Router for emailing to user mail boxes.

Sharepoint extends MS CRM pages and hosting ASPX pages for public user access from the internet where data details then stores and retrieve from MS CRM using PIA. Custom MS CRM Workflow and MS CRM plug-ins are implemented where necessary.

The school environment is also the focus for a project in which Mitrais staff implemented the standard features of MS CRM 4.0 for the management of school volunteers.

Other CRM based projects which Mitrais has undertaken include case management for an insurance company, lead generation for an industrial installation and service company and event management functions.

Mitrais software engineers working on these projects are obtaining certification in anticipation of the escalating demand for CRM applications.


"A BIG thank-you all and GREAT work! [The Client] is pleased with the results as he says – looking good. Thank you all again for your wonderful effort over the last few months."
Mandy Franklin TSA Corporation, Australia

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