Mitrais Harvests ‘Sweet’ BlackBerry Technology

If one were looking for evidence of the powerful capabilities that BlackBerry’s smartphone technology is bringing to commerce and industry, it is to be found in the growing list of software developments projects Mitrais has completed in recent times.

As an integrated component of an over-arching, web-oriented system, Mitrais developers crafted an application for language learning and communications which can be delivered through the BlackBerry, among a range of smartphones.

More recently, another Australian company commissioned Mitrais to develop a vehicle tracking device that capitalizes on BlackBerry’s GPS and networking capabilities.

The BlackBerry has truly found a ‘sweet spot’, whether in business, as it was initially developed for, or for the individual seeking a powerful, multi-function mobile device.

Now it can be used as a phone, send emails or SMSs, used as an organizer or address book, to play games and receive media, to take photographs and determine location through global positioning capability.

We can only see an accelerating increase in BlackBerry applications and as such we have a training program in place to match the demands of that increase with the skills of our talented Java developers.

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