Our company

Mitrais was established in 2000 to develop excellence in software development using Indonesia as a base of operations. Our objective is to be the leading near shore provider of application development services to the Australian IT industry and a significant player in other countries. Mitrais achieves Microsoft Gold software development competency, is an Oracle Partner and has also certified products in SAP NetWeaver.

In 2004 we entered the health Industry, developing the Mitrais Medical Suite (MMS) which we sell globally.

In 2007 we absorbed Mincom Indoservices to extend our operations into the sale and support of mining software (in particular from Mincom) in Indonesia.

Today Mitrais has more than 100 clients and employs 400 staffs in offices in Sydney, Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Singapore.

Bali naturally attractive for IT skills


It was a careful and deliberate choice to establish our headquarters in Bali. An engaging tropical holiday destination, it is also ideally suited to meeting the needs of smart companies wanting to build captive teams for their software development needs. In the information age, Bali exemplifies how best to capitalize on the global economy.

With an Indonesian population of more than 200 million people and mature educational institutions, Mitrais can recruit top class graduates from any of the country’s specialist IT universities.

Skilled in IT’s latest languages, technologies and tools they, like the many tourists who visit Bali, are attracted to life in a beautiful, crime-free and relatively inexpensive location.

Until you visit Bali, meet its warm, friendly people and see its natural attractions, we invite you to visit our gallery of Bali scenes and people, photographed by talented staff members.

Our name

Our corporate name Mitrais is based on the ancient Sanskrit word Mitra. We chose to take our corporate name from this classical Hindu language because of its common roots with Latin and Greek and because of its historical role and influence in many of the languages and cultures of South East Asia, the region we call home.

We chose the word Mitra because it means partner or friend. And that's how we at Mitrais perceive our clients - as partners and friends for the long term.